"Nearly 37 million tons of chemical fertilizer are moved through the United States every year with about 50 percent of that traveling on the Mississippi River" (Malakoff, 1998). These nutrients, used on agricultural land, will ultimately drain into our oceans. An abundance of chemical fertilizers in the water causes hypoxia a lack of oxygen and causes many creatures to suffocate to death.

A "dead zone" was created, in 1997, about the size of New Jersey: 16,000 square kilometres, in which even the smallest creatures were robbed of the oxygen they needed to survive.

This is only one type of pollution that devastates our oceans. We also have to deal with pesticide run off, which can introduce PCBs and other dangerous toxins to marine ecosystems. Cruise ships and other watercraft continuously pollute our waters with gasoline, oil spills, dumped sewage, and other debris.

It is time that we took a stand and started protecting our oceans not only for the benefit of ourselves, but for the good of all species on earth.

Rising Ocean Acidity

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Ocean Advocacy
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